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        KAMET was founded in 1984, is a technical manufacturing enterprise, for many years with a professional manufacturing solutions services and manufacturing technology support, service to customers in different industries. The main products involved in , medical equipment and other high-end semiconductor precision machinery industry, while providing all kinds of precision mechanical parts processing and assembly services for solar energy equipment, electronic equipment, optical communication equipment etc..


Semiconductor Equipments 

Medical Equipments

New Energy 

      Today, from medical, semiconductor, artificial intelligence, new energy and so on several areas of the world 500 strong and well-known enterprises at home and abroad KAMET golden desert as its strategic partner together to improve and optimize the manufacturing scheme, combined with a win-win situation.

     In the future, KAMET will expect to cooperate with more new fields, new industries and enterprises, for a steady stream of "supply" diversified manufacturing services for partners of different industry chain in the world.